Get traffic from blog search

This is another crazy idea, that Google may ban your site for!
Blog Search works as a normal motor search but searches only Blogs.
Now if you type Adsense it'll search for the Adsense keywords.
But wait it also search for Related Blogs!
It get related blogs from the title!
Here's the Evil:
Make tons of blog with Keywords title for example "Adsense" as title.
Now in your blog make the first page linking to your blog, as you have changed your blog location ;)
Now think you make 150 blog and each one get about 10 visitors from Blog search.
You'll have 1500 visitors. let suppose that only 50% redirect to your site. You'll get 750 visitors.
The traffic is cool, no? and you have never dream of this!
Problem: If Google knows what you are doing it may ban all those pirates blogs but may be your main blog!


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