Make money online

Does blogging really makes money online.
Yes and No. Blogging can make even 2,000$ per month and can also make a perfect 0$ per YEAR. It’s really amazing.
People think that they can easily make money by blogging…boof this can never be.
To make money online you don’t need a blog where to write. You need an idea, a project a thing, a wonderful thing to build and create. There’s more than 10 million blogger. But are they all making money online? No, impossible. To make money online you don’t need only to write and add widgets. To make money online you need an idea a project.
Let’s give you an example: I have this blog for 7 months. And I have now about 200 posts on it. I get about 300 visitors daily and Adsense made 350 page impressions per day and I get about 2 clicks. Then I made about 0.3 $ daily with Adsense. So I don’t make even 10$ per month!!! And I have 7 months blogging and I added widgets and and and …..
Am I making money online with blogging???? NOOOO.
But let’s say to you another thing. I started a barcode maker project about 7 months, and the project was successful and I made a total of 25,662 visitors in 1 month. The project length was 2 month only and I succeeded to get 300 $ from Adsense.
I closed now the project because I’ll restart it in this summer with more new software and applications….
So does blogging makes money online??? Does it ??? NOOOOOO !!!!
Be careful! If you see sites like making more than 500$ per month this is because Jack is a template creator and not a blogger.
Sorry blogging can make money online but only if you have an idea a project on your blog. But If you want to make money online with writing this will never be….


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