Make money with adsense

Even if you have small traffic you can make a small amount of money with Adsense.
Our aim is to reach 100$ per month, so we get every month a check with 100$.
I know the American dollar is down day after day, but don’t worry I think it will come back again and you can make much money with Adsense.
First why choose Adsense?
It’s the largest biggest hugest and make more money. Advertiser like Adbrite sometimes don’t show ads because (((I don’t know and I don’t want to))) But Google Adsense is the best and we can make much money with it.
Adsense is popular and if you are a blogger you’ll find many plug-in and widget for Adsense. This will help you get the most of it.
How to make money with Adsense?
People generally use Adsense for content. Now you have to change, Adsense for results make more money if you know how to optimize it.
Make people search your site and get more money.
Why Adsense for result make more money that for content?
If you have a blog, people are interested in your blog content and they won’t watch ads.
But if they make a search, that mean they are searching for something and probability to click is higher.
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