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Blogger, Why choose blogger?
But why choose Wordpress for example and not Blogger?
Wordpress isn't better than blogger and any thing you can do on Wordpress you can do it on blogger, even the Top commentator widget that I was thinking it can be done only on Wordpress, you can do it now on blogger.
Blogger is also customizable but if you are a good PHP programmer so don't miss Wordpress or B2evo, you'll better use them. But if you prefer AJAX and XML then blogger is much better!
I love Blogger and Wordpress each one for various reasons. Wordpress have a PHP look and blogger an XML one!
Lol that's really funny, but to be productive you can use them both, as they are the most famous on the World.
But if you want to create a blog and make earning with it (Adsense for example), so you have to choose blogger or if you decided to go with Wordpress then you have to host it on your own server, So that you can add Google Adsense widgets. However Blogger can integrate Adsense automatically for you (like I'm doing).
If you finally decided to create a Blogger one then you'd better read my tutorial, that will guide you step by step to make your blogger. Make your blogger now.


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