Commenting is very very important

After 7 month I discovered that commenting can drive huge but of traffic and I’m saying (plenty). But you have to keep in track of site that you comment on.
Why I’m saying that?
Only with 3 simple comment, a PR5 site drive about 38 visits in 1 month!
How the site do it?
Jackbook strategy is important, he boost comment by applying 2 widgets in the wordpress. The first one is the 10 last comment. The most important is the 5 top commentators. Interested people will make like a competition to take the first 5 positions. Although I easily get it for my 2 blogs ( and by putting more than 10 comments.
How much Jackbook drive that day. In 14 hours Jackbook drive 4 visitors. You can say it’s so little sure it’s small.
But think when you find 25 site having the same strategy as Jackbook. you’ll make 100 visitors.
Then why keep in the track?
The 5 top commentator will be reset every week, so our work have to be repeated every week.
The idea is easy it will only take 2 hours of your time every week, but we’ll drive about 700 visitors.
Use it also! You can read the next post, I’ll talk about benefits of this strategy.


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