Google Desktop, don't miss it.

One of the various problems that I was facing before discovering this powerful application is DataSearch. Whenever I want to search a document I have to spend minutes waiting for the Windows search, but if I want to search in a document content Windows will never finish it's search and sometimes (always) don't search all the files!
Google desktop come with the solution. You can now search thousands of files, but not only files name but also content, in just seconds and less than 1 seconds, query takes 0.2 or 0.3 secondds only.
Plus Google desktop can search Zip, Pdf, Office, Video, images... and with plugin you can add more extension to it.
How Google do that?
Like it do it on the web, Google can search milliards of web pags in just one second!
The secret of this speed
The secret that there's no secret, Google just make a giant database where he puts all your files (text) on it. With a database, Google can make queries in less than 1 second.
Where to find this database?
After some days of installing Google Desktop, search on the top level of your hard drives for this folder "Google Desktop Data". You'll find that it's size is bigger than 350 mb, that's normal as Google compress your saved data. Open it and you'll find the databases (don't delete them!)


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