Double your internet connection speed

This trick will double, triple, …. N times your connection speed. The problem often occur with people who connect a lot and load many pages. After some weeks of browsing the connection speed is killed.
Ok let’s see the problem. Windows save your browsing data in order to make the navigation faster…But Windows don’t know that you are an internet addicted person and didn’t expect your case…. Your history is fulllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!
Let’s clean it.
Okay go to your primary hard drive (where windows is installed) and then right click and select properties. Near the circle that shows the available space there’s a button (Clean drive) Hit this one. Wait some moments until it finished. When the dialog displays scroll in the list and select “Temporary internet files” Then click ok.
The cache should be clear now. Your connection will regain its’ normal speed.


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