Speed Up Windows Vista

Speeding Up Windows Vista

Windows Vista is a resource hungry OS. It has so many features that sometimes it can be a bit of a drain on your PC. If you find your PC is not really up to the job there are steps you can take to speed up Windows Vista. This hub has some tips for speeding up windows vista.

How to speed up windows vista

1: Choose one of more of these options. Step one will be the cheapest and easiest, and the last will be harder with a cost.

2: Turn OFF Aero Desktop: Aero looks pretty but if your computer is not up to the challenge, you can always turn it off.

3: Disable UAC: UAC or "User Access Control" is a nice security feature but not everyone "needs" it and it will slow you down. If you feel bogged down by always having to click ALLOW or DENY, turn this feature OFF. To disable UAC, Click Start > control panel > add/remove User accounts. Now Click "Go to main User accounts page" Now Click "Turn User Access Control On or Off" Done.

4: Set performance options to BEST PERFORMANCE. Click Start > move your mouse over 'computer' Right click 'Computer' > Pick properties. Click Advanced system preferences Under the advanced tab, click Performance [SETTINGS] Under visual effects tab, click "adjust for best performance" Click OK

5: Add more memory. Vista needs lots of memory to really shine. Upgrade your memory to 2GB or more and Vista will show you how fast it can be. TIP: Install 3GB of memory and turn off Virtual memory. Vista will move faster than ever because it never has to use the hard drive as memory.

6: Use ReadyBoost: ReadyBoost is a feature that allows you to use a flash-drive as memory. Its super-easy and you probably already have extra flash drives or cards lying about. To use ready boost stick in a blank freshly formatted flash memory device into your USB port and Vista will ask you of you want to use this as READY-BOOST.


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