Top commentator ever will have a constant link

This is my first contest! Top commentator ever will have a constant link in the top bar of my blog. But also I'll make a review about his blog.
How to become the top commentator: Simply comment my posts, you can post question, play jokes or tell about additional information.
When the contest will end?
In the end of the next month (30 April), I'll end the contest and give the top commentator this small price.
What do you wait, start commenting now. There's already Jason, that is getting the first place with 16 comments!
Don't worry, if you put every day 2 comments only, you'll easily get 65 one at the end of the contest and then (probably) you'll be the winner.


Ian said...

Hi Omar, interesting idea for a contest prize. I'm not going to win, but just wanted to let you know its a good idea.

BobbyT said...

Omar, I think Jason's comments are spam, in any case you should just count his comment as 1 and delete the rest, they are al the same things...

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