Make money with sponsored reviews

You have a blog with many many readers? You have a good traffic but slow earnings.
Here's a solution: You can earn 200$ per day from your blog, but I expected that you close it the third month!, You don't have even to write but just post!
A post will cost more than 200$ if you have a good blog (Not very good, 1,000+ subscriber in the Feeds and the publisher will pay!)
Think, you post 3 posts every day (let say with an average of 140$ per post): You'll earn 420$ daily!
Now you'll make 13,020$ per month!! have you ever dream of this sam ????
But I sayed only for 3 months! People will hate your blog (you'll posts irrelevant posts) and will finally don't come.
Have a blog to delete? Make 40,000$ with it before ;)


Iago's Mom said...

hi omar!

please tech me how to make money using my blog.. i dont know where to start.

i have been blogging since 2005 but i change my blog site so im back to square one.

what should i do to make money?

there are a lot and i mean A LOT of companies offering "make money from your blogs") i dont know which one to use.

admin said...

Hi Iago's Mom. You are right. There are too many companies out there that claim this. But the best site is PayPerPost. It has tons of opportunities for blogs with any PR.

You should really try it. Also, I am the new admin here and this post was not written by me but I can assure you that I will be writing some new posts about moneymaking and you would definitely find them helpful.

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