Templates hack for Blogger

This the most occurred problem. When someone try to install a blogger template, this problem often occur!
First I won't talk about the errors but the right method and after it you'll never get errors!
Blogger supports 2 templates format.
There's 2 templates format that Blogger support.
The Classic format
The New format: XML
Then when you download a template, else you'll find a text file or an XML file.
If you found a text file: It's the Classic template.
If you found an XML file: It's the new template.
Which is better? The new sure why?
Because you can arrange and create element easily. However you need to type if you use the old blogger templates.
Now we came to install.
If the templates is classic.
Go to layout > Edit HTML and then select "reverse to classic template"
Then copy and paste your code
If the template is XML
Go to layout > Edit HTML and then click browse and select the XML file then upload it!
(Don't copy and paste the XML code)
The problem occur? Post a comment?


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